The WILLIAMS family tree starting with my maternal grandfather…

1. Sam Jones WILLIAMS Sr b. 1892 in Macon, Noxubee County, MS to Jack “Pop” WILLIAMS and Elizabeth/Bettie/Lizzie SMITH. He was never married to Lillian C. SLEDGE. He had a daughter with her: Margaret Ruth SLEDGE. He was married to Mattie Lee SMITH b. 1894 in ?, MS to Wade SMITH and Rena TREMBLE and d. 1976 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. Children from this union: Scot, Bessie, James V, Olivia Delores “Lee”, Woodrow/Woodie, Earnest, Sam Jr, Hardie, Odell “Red/Pain”, Laura Vell/Larvell/Lovell/Larnell, and Ruth O. He had a daughter with Ida FRIERSON: Florence Jean FRIERSON. He was married to Flora WINDHAM at the time of his death.

2. Jack WILLIAMS Sr b. 1856 in Noxubee County, MS to Harriett/Harriet/Hariet COTTON and Jeff WILLIAMS Sr (1) and d. 1951 in Macon, Noxubee County, MS. He was married to Elizabeth/Bettie/Lizzie SMITH b. 1860 in Noxubee County, MS to Mose SMITH (her mother is unknown) and d. 1942 in Macon, Noxubee County, MS. Children besides Sam Jones Sr: Lula, Cleveland/Clevand, Jack Jr, Essie, Teran “Tennie”, Bettie, German and Bob Will. He had a son with an unknown woman: Robert.

3. Jeff WILLIAMS Sr b. 1815/1817/1820 in KY (somewhere near border of Tennessee) to Martin WILLIAMS and Mary UNKNOWN and d. sometime after 1903 possibly in Meridian, Lauderdale County, MS or Bee Lake, Holmes County, MS. He was married to Harriett/Harriet/Hariet COTTON b. 1815/1820/1840/1847 in MS to unknown parents and d. 1916 in Macon, Noxubee County, MS. Children besides Jack Sr: Edna/Ednor/Edney/Edora, George, Jeff W Jr (2), John, Joseph, Roxanne/Roxie. He had a son with Hannah (maiden name unknown): Tom Jeff WILLIAMS.

4. Mary UNKNOWN b. ? in ? to an unknown father and Juna UNKNOWN and d. before the 1830 surrender and the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.

5. Still researching if Chief White Cloud is the father of Martin WILLIAMS or his wife, Mary.


1. Jeff WILLIAMS Sr also went by the name of Jefferson/Jeff COTTON. He self-identified as 1/2 Choctaw blood and applied for the Dawes Roll as a Mississippi Choctaw. His said that his father was more than half, his mother half and her mother, Juna, was full blooded and lived with the Indians.

2. Jeff WILLIAMS Jr also had a son named Jeff with his first wife, Rose/Rosa DANTZLER. I have given this third generation Jeff the title of Jeff WILLIAMS III just to avoid confusion between the three.

4 GENERATION FAMILY TREE CHART (click on the image to view it larger)



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