Sanders is the surname of my brother’s father Joseph K. Sanders (never married with our mother, Margaret Ruth Sledge). The Sanders family tree starting with his paternal grandfather…

1. Bennie SANDERS Sr b. 10 March 1896 in Noxubee, MS and d. 1977 in Macon, Noxubee, MS: He married Lucille DUCK b. 12 April 1907 in Noxubee, MS to Vincent/Vince “Papa” DUCK Sr and Celia SHERROD and d. 2005 in Memphis, TN. Children born to this union besides Joseph K: Bennie Jr, Eugene, Harvey, Juanita POINDEXTER nee SANDERS, Laurie ? nee SANDERS , Lee Andrew, Lillie ? nee SANDERS, Nealy, Ruby ? nee SANDERS, William, and Ernest.

More to come as soon as I find the parents of Bennie Sanders Sr.

3 GENERATION FAMILY TREE CHART (click on the image to view it larger)


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