DUCK is the surname of my brother’s paternal grandmother through his father, Joseph K. SANDERS (who was never married with our mother, Margaret Ruth SLEDGE). The DUCK family tree starting with his paternal grandmother…

1. Lucille DUCK b. 1907 in Noxubee, MS and d. 2005 in Memphis, TN: She was the daughter of Vincent/Vince “Papa” DUCK Sr and Celia SHERROD. She married Bennie SANDERS Sr b. 1896 in Noxubee, MS and d. 1977 in Macon, Noxubee, MS. Children born to this union besides Joseph K: Bennie Jr, Eugene, Harvey, Juanita, Laurie, Lee Andrew, Lillie, Nealy, Ruby, William, and Ernest.

2. Vincent/Vince “Papa” DUCK Sr b. 1867 in Shuqualak, Noxubee, MS and d. ? in ?: He was the son of a Slaveholder DUCK and Hariet ?. He married Celia SHERROD b. 1875 in Macon, Noxubee, MS to Henderson/Hence SHERROD and Grace/Gracie LYLES and d. ? in ?. Children born to this union besides Lucille: Meat, Thomas/Tommy, Charles/Charlie Sr, Kitty, Henderson/Hence, Stud, Vincent/Vince “Coochie” Jr, Lem Morris, Lowe, Albert “Brooks”, Whity/White, Jimmie, Joseph, Van/Vandy Sr

3. Hariet ? b. 1840 in AL and d. ? in ?: She was born to unknown parents who were both born in AL. Children besides Vincent/Vince: Fannie, Kity, Annie and Alice

3 GENERATION FAMILY TREE CHART (click on the image to view it larger)


7 thoughts on “DUCK”

  1. i feel really silly i just seen duck and my heart dropped Van aka Vanderbilt Duck who married Hattie Mae Ivy or Ivorey please let me know if that rings a bell thank you


  2. I do have a Vanderbilt “Vandy” Duck who is the son of Lem/Lim Morris Duck. I can’t confirm his spouse, Hattie Mae because I can find no record of her with him. But if I have the right Vanderbilt Duck aka “Van/Vandy”, I will add Hattie Mae to the family tree as well as their children if you like. If you can share obituaries or funeral programs, it would be much appreciated. I can also send you the censuses for the Duck family. My email is


    1. hello tara. my name is van duck jr. i am the oldest son of van and hattie mae duck. my mother and father was born in prarie point ms(macon). lucille duck is my aunt. i have 2 brothers(ronald, rodney) and three sisters,(alicia, brenda,and sandra).lucille and lem are my fathers brother and sister. so is vince(coochie), brooks, lem, meat, tommy, charley, kitty, henderson, white, jimmie and joseph. mica is my neice. i would love to have any information that you might have about our family. i would love to hear from you. you can contact me on facebook.


      1. Hey Van! Nice to hear from you. I added you and your family to the tree. Unfortunately, I no longer use Facebook. I am on Twitter (don’t use it much except to post new links from the blog), Google + and Linkedin which I am active posting related genealogy articles on. Check the left sidebar for links to my social media accounts. Otherwise, you can contact me by email

        I have the 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses for Papa Vincent DUCK Sr. Let me know what in particular you want for anyone else. Take care!


    1. Merry Christmas i am so excite that you responded this is truley a christmas gift i have a aunt that would like to talk to you but i would love for you to send the censuses record of the ducks by the way your family tree is full of life thank you thank you hope
      to hear from you soon and i wil send the info you need thanks


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