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This blog was created to help me organize my genealogy research and act as a backup system and repository for all of the information I have collected thus far and will continue to collect. I will be adding more to the family tree as they are found. BROUSSARD, GREGORY, SLEDGE and WILLIAMS are the main surnames in my family tree but are not excluded to those particular surnames (see the image below). DUCK and SANDERS are the surnames that I am researching for my brother (he has a different father). I intend to upload photos, certificates, newspaper articles, etc., with or without transcription. If you’d like to keep up with new posts, either click “follow by email” or enter your email address (located on the sidebar). Feel free to email me if you have additional information on any of these families or have questions: taragregory.bgsw@yahoo.com



We have family in LA, TX, MO, CA, SC, VA, TN, IL, MS, PA.

All surnames in the family tree so far are in the image below. Can you spot your surname? If not, submit it by following the instructions on this page, COLLECTION OF NAMES FOR FAMILY TREE.


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Family historian of Broussard, Gregory, Sledge and Williams family tree

2 thoughts on “Welcome To My Genealogy Blog”

  1. I love your “Surnames Wanted” idea. The “tree” on your Mirror Site image is “epic-cally” cool as one of my grandchildren says. How did you make it? I need to come back & visit your site in more depth. 🙂


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